Treasures Of The Mystic Sea

Treasures Of The Mystic Sea

Date added: 26/03/2020

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Not only is Treasures Of The Mystic Sea a fun puzzle game with the challenges that range from easy to hard but it also consists of the carefully designed graphics and elaborated storyline. Become the pirate to rock the sea in this ABCya free game and join the search for the treasure trunk! Take your pick among the teams and the characters at the beginning of the entry, then you can freely start your game.

It's a 3-matching game, which means that your task is to match or link three items that are of the same type to make them disappear off the grid. The faster you can detect the line of three items, the faster your energy bar will fill up. Feel free to use and take advantage of the free widgets, boosters, and other assisted items to get rid of the pieces as fast as possible! The pieces are placed in the adjacent arrangement to make it harder to spot, therefore, it's best if you can observe the overall grid before moving any pieces.

Let your eyes get used to the setting of the grid before attempting to take on harder levels at Treasures of the Mystic Sea will be a fun test to your intelligence and experience with puzzles and quizzes, just like other puzzle games like Funny Bunny Logic and Lampada Street

Game controls:

Choose and match the lines using the mouse cursor.

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