Tiles Of The Unexpected

Tiles Of The Unexpected

Date added: 11/02/2020

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This ABCya XZY free game is the new generation of puzzle games that both boys and girls can enjoy without having to wait! You will get to challenge your eyesight, observation skills and matching skills thanks to Tiles Of The Unexpected. Tiles are laid out randomly on a grid, but all of them are stacked too high. To win the game, you have to fulfill the aim of clearing the screen by matching the right pairs.

First, find and choose the tiles of the same type, which are the ones with the same images or icons. After you have successfully remove them, they will either leave a gap or show 1 tile below in case it's the bottom tile. Moreover, if a gap is created by removing the bottom tile, the surrounding tiles will automatically drop down to fulfill it. It's the rule of the grid that makes the game much harder since you have to keep track of the movement of the tiles and gaps. Another tip for you is that the ones that drop into the gap are marked again, so you don't have to check them anymore.

When you run out of moves, use the bomb icons that show up on the mouse cursor to blow up some lines and clear up the path! It's a fun puzzle game that requires some creative thinking and good strategies for the smart kids at http://www.abcya.xyz/! Feel free to explore other new games like Jelly Doods and Yatzy from our collection!

Game controls:

Instructions: Click to move the pieces.

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