Snail Bob 7

Snail Bob 7

Date added: 23/08/2019

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 When you join the fighting game, you will have to find the best way to overcome the challenge that the game has given. Let's start with the snail's journey in the new Snail Bob 7 game at Players begin to choose different ways to move and fight against the enemy. Get into the shell when you are attacked, speed up to reach the destination or turn around to get to the exit door after completing each level. Don't forget to fight and perfect this game with an excellent score and achieve 3 stars.

If you only achieve 1 or 2 stars, try to re-join the game and get the best results in the next round. The hidden stars are in different positions that you need to decode and follow the game's suggestion if you can't finish it yet. This is a long way that any player wants to join and relax. Share your gameplay if you have passed different levels of challenges at ABcya free online.

The game list is constantly updated and this snail will be fortunate to fight with other forces to find a way to escape each room. Will you learn how to move when entering each room of this game? We are constantly updating the latest games for players around the world to explore and you will be ready to overcome these challenges with gaming tips. You are a snail hero. Fight through all obstacles and be the best player with 3 stars at each level. We suggest players join other similar games like Snakes and Ladders and Clan Wars: Goblin Forest It will be an unforgettable long journey.

Instructions: Use the left mouse to move or squeeze into the shell, follow the instructions of each level

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