Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

Date added: 12/11/2019

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Prepare for one of the most thrilling games from the collection at right now! Without a doubt, this Rodeo Rider game will bring an adrenaline rush to the players from the very first second into the game! Your work as a cowboy should be to stay perfectly on the bull without falling.

When the buzzer starts, you have to click continuously on the cow to keep your position on it. Since the bull offshoots like a rocket, keep clicking or else the main character will fall! No matter how much the bulls moves, kicks and stamps, it's you and your termination that helps you to stick on the back of it. You will control the icon of your hat which you have to keep centered over the bull’s body.

How long will you be able to stick with it in the middle of all these thrashings? If you manage to stay on it for more than 8 seconds, you will be considered as a winning player. Yet, how many times can you do it? Another task in this rodeo for you is to work your way through the ranks to prove that you’re the most skilled in the ABCya XYZ kid games. Don't miss out on other high-quality games with amazing graphics and unusual gameplay like Pingu And Friends and Brave Explorers

Game controls:

Click on the bull to place the hat and stay on the bull's back.

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