Road Of Fury Desert Strike

Road Of Fury Desert Strike

Date added: 05/05/2020

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Only the strongest candidates can survive the intense battle among the teams in Road Of Fury Desert Strike. This is one of the latest ABCya free games with the theme of wilderness. A combination of old cities with horsemen gangs will be a unique experience for the fans of fighting games. Amidst the wasteland, the forces that manage to fight and defeat others with limited resources shall be the winners.

The enemies will turn up in the crowd as they are trying to attack at your base. Use your vehicles to chase after the designated targets, use your gun to take them down with one shot. Time is the essence, therefore, whenever you take a shot, make sure that you are not wasting time with failure. The faster you clear out the stage, the safer you are. Don't let the gangs round you up or else you will not be able to escape.

Also, keep an eye out for bullets, cannons, and explosives coming from all kinds of direction in this game at Do all that you can to switch to a faster car since it will bring higher chances of keeping up with the opponents.

It's your shooting techniques and abilities to use a gun that will make or break the record of this game. Sharpen your skills with more driving and shooting games like Monster Truck Stunt Madness and Rickshaw Driver for more entertaining moments!

Game controls:

Shoot at the opponent using the mouse cursor.

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