Pool Club

Pool Club

Date added: 16/03/2020

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Time flies fast when you enjoy a good game of pool, especially in the new ABCya XYZ game for kids called Pool Club. Not only is it a smooth pool game that has classic gameplay but it also comes with a solo mode, which allows you to enjoy the game slowly and without interruption. You participate in the pool match against the CPU, the smart opponent, and your job is to figure out the way to win.

The winner shall be the one who manages to push all of his or her pool balls down the hole first. Some of the basic rules of a pool game that you should keep in mind are to only shoot at your ball, avoid pushing the white ball down the hole and aim carefully. If you fail to gain scores during your turn, the other player gets the next chance to shoot. Consecutive scoring will be the best method to win the game and claim the title of the best pool player!

Once you start aiming, take advantage of the dotted line to use as the guide for choosing the target and the direction. As long as you aim well, you will get good shots. How long will it take you to end a match with a successful result? Keep on playing more in-house games like Boxing Fist Legends and Checkers Legend. without a cost at http://www.abcya.xyz/ and gather your friends to share with them!

Game controls:

Drag and move the mouse to shoot.

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