Pivot Online

Pivot Online

Date added: 29/07/2017

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If you notice, our life is a complete twist of fate. It seems that everything has been adjusted and will not change any more, but something happens and a reversal occurs, sometimes it is too steep.

The game Pivot Online is similar to reality, but since we are in a virtual world, it is possible to afford to simplify the task visually, but not in terms of solutions. Around the point a line grows and rotates clockwise, next appears the next point and you need to combine the line with it by clicking on the point at the right time. It will take a quick reaction, the abcya game Pivot Online will test and test your reflexes, the ability to react instantly. Show the best qualities and do not let the turns confuse yourself.

In Pivot Online , You need to make sure your stick stop on the ball or you will lose on Abcya.xyz  .Come here and try this games of 2017, Have fun!

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