Piggy In The Puddle

Piggy In The Puddle

Date added: 25/08/2021

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The tips come in handy during the Piggy In The Puddle journey. Pigs love to wade in the mud, even when it's in the tub. ABCya Xyz new games update tons of new puzzle games with different themes.

Players choose a list of favorite games and participate in their spare time. Help our friend get to the tub at each level by making it roll and fall. Use boosters to complete your turn in the best way. You can change its shape: when it is round, it rolls and therefore can collect food at the same time. However, you can hardly lose all the food through the game. Therefore, re-join as many times as you want to complete the challenge and collect enough pig food. Get it back into a square shape and it will stop so quickly that it makes your head spin. If the pig can't move to the last bathtub position, you will have to join the level and come up with the final solution. This game becomes new to online game players all over the world. Pigs love puddles and the funny little pig in this game is no exception. Help him into the puddle and get lucky, but it won't be easy. Take on the challenges to help the pig and show off the amazing gaming skills you have today.

The list of new games is available at www.abcya.xyz. Become the best player in every journey. The naughty pig bathed in the mud will thank you. Join this funny game with many meanings. Relax with this great game space today. Don't hesitate to share it with your friends. We list some games for you to participate in such as Hexa Puzzle Game.

Game controls:

Controls game: Use the left mouse button to click on the positions where the pig moves.

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