Paper Flick

Paper Flick

Date added: 07/04/2021

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Accurately throw the paper to get it into the basket in front. How accurate can you feel? This all depends on your skills. Experience an extremely interesting office environment only in the game Paper Flick at abcya game online. Hey, take aim and you can use a moderate force to throw the paper balls into this trash. It's great that you can do it exactly. This will make you a player with an extremely perfect skill. The game will offer three levels of play that are easy, medium, and difficult. You can choose what level of play. I think you should choose the easy mode first so that you can get used to the game. Can you estimate the distance?

This will help you to solve the puzzle given by the game. Try to measure the distance as well as use a moderate force to put the ball in the trash. Later, the more distance will be. So you have to focus on the game and try to throw all these senses in the trash correctly. You can train yourself a lot of skills while cleaning the office. Isn't it wonderful? This challenge will make you feel extremely attractive and not boring.

Because its gameplay will also be changed. The answer to your dexterity is to win the level. With a very funny sound effect, you will have a lot of experience when participating in the game Paper Flick at When you pass the easy level, let's challenge yourself with higher levels that are more difficult. Join a variety of skill puzzle games with your friends. Started adding a few other similar genres Sniper Trigger and Mr. Cop Master

Game controls:

Use mouse to aim precisely at the paper balls.

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