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Mk48 .io

Date added: 09/08/2021

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Mk48 .io online game has brought new opportunities for players. Many players from all over the world have discovered this io game in their spare time. Once you figure out how to move and collect the loot, you can win the game at Take command of a ship and follow your path to victory. This is a multiplayer naval battle game. Stay away from torpedoes if you don't want to lose. You start from a small ship and consume crates to increase your score. While a small number of crates spawn naturally, sinking other ships directly increases your score and spawns more crates. Sink your opponents to collect and gain the possibility of victory. After moving through the locations on the map and collecting the most crates, you can survive to the end of the playroom. Try to unlock different missions and pass the exciting game space in this game. Make the safest moving circle to win this io game.

ABCya online takes players into the world of countless things that you have never discovered. Watch all your opponents and stay away from them if you're not ready. The collision won't do you any good. However, if you have enough strength, you can attack your opponent to grow stronger. Learn to move with the instructions that the game has brought.

The io game world contains a lot of new games where players have to face opponents. Choose the best way to play with your playing tips and join famous online games similar to this game like Vector Rush.You will love this special journey.

Game controls:

How to play: Use LEFT MOUSE to rotate the circle and fight your opponents

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