Killer Assassin

Killer Assassin

Date added: 13/03/2020

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Be the fastest and deadliest killer in Killer Assassin and you will be able to be the last one standing! This is the type of action and interactive game from ABCya XYZ that allows the players to move flexibly around the areas of each stage, then aim at the opponent and take a shot. For each level, the platform layout and setting will be different, which poses more challenges as the players need to constantly be adaptive to the changes. Moreover, more and more guards will be placed around the exit door as you progress through the game. Your job is to control the movement of the assassin so that you can take down the enemy one by one.

Once you finish tackling them all, you can move to the exit door and go to the next level. Don't forget to use your surroundings, hidden corners, high places, and shadows to stay hidden from cameras, flashlights and use them to your advantage. A surprise attack should be your prominent strategy in order to stay hidden and avoid being attacked in groups. If you are new to this kind of game, we recommend that you should attack them swiftly, move to hide and escape without being spotted.

This will be a better technique if you can't go head to head with the guards at Other action games like Super Fist and Robbers In Town will bring new themes and different challenges to spice up your leisure time, so don't hesitate to take a shot!

Game controls:

Move using the keyboard.

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