Jump Basket

Jump Basket

Date added: 18/03/2020

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In Jump Basket at ABCya XYZ online, your team is counting on you to score the crucial point in this tough basketball match! Your job is to overcome the defensive line of the other team and try to dunk the basketball into the basket of theirs. It will not be easy since the other players will constantly try to crush you, interrupt your running path and many other moves. For this game, feel free to pick your desired game modes from two options.

The first one is to go head to head against one player in a two-people match. Or go with the multiplayer mode and let the game randomly pick your opponent from the long list of players all around the world! Thanks to the diversity in the game modes, kids can get new friends from all around the world or choose to enjoy this little game with their close friends also.

Can you keep up with the pace and the heat of this basketball match while running on the field? It's only one sports game at http://www.abcya.xyz/, which means that there are tons of other options that are ready for your entertainment after you finish exploring this one! Keep up with the sporty spirit in more games like Checkers Legend and Pool Club, or take a new chance with the other genres. All of our games differ from each other and have special features, so don't waste any chance!

Game controls:

 Move the player using arrow keys.

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