Jom Jom Jump

Jom Jom Jump

Date added: 05/12/2019

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Jom Jom from this game at is your companion on the journey of reaching the sky! This little rabbit might seem funny-looking at first, but with your help, he can be the star! It's a simple yet incredibly fast-paced arcade game. We guarantee that even beginners will waste no time trying to get a grip on the rule. It's the speed of the game that makes it difficult, challenging and fun.

You will choose one of the two available directions while moving upward on the platform. If you choose well, the rabbit will jump on the next stair, where he might find an apple. Make sure that you pick it up and gather the extra points. While moving quickly and carefully jump up these floating platforms, prepare yourself to search for the hourglass icons as well. These will help give you more time during the stage.

In case you find the pathways that split, it's best to pick the one that has an hourglass. When your time in this ABCya XYZ game is over, that's your final record. Overall, the main thing you should pay attention to is to extend your time the most to stay in the game. Enjoy plenty of games with this type of pace from the huge collection of some choices like Get Locky and Kite Kittens! Would you keep up with the rabbit?

Game controls:

Controls: Use the left and right arrows to move.

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