Iron Smooth

Iron Smooth

Date added: 08/05/2020

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One of the most essential skills for taking care of the housework must be ironing! It takes serious focus and technique to iron all those messy clothes without burning any item or making any wrong moves. Will you try out the relaxation game of Iron Smooth from ABCya online games and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the crinkly pieces turn into straight clothes? The main task in this game is to control the hot iron and move it all over the item to clear out the wrinkle parts. However, it will not be that easy.

You have to pay attention to the moving cup which is filled with water. If you happen to move your iron too close and make the cup tilt over, the content will make the iron break and the level is incomplete, which results in you having to play again. Since there is no limitation on the amount of time you can use, be careful, and slowly approach the wrinkle spot without moving too recklessly. It's the perfect game for the perfectionists who love seeing a straight pair of pants or a straight shirt after all those hard work.

Don't miss out on any washed clothes that are scattered over the place at! Can you claim the title of the best players and finish without tilting the cup even once? Explore more home-based games like Loop Mania and Pixel Slime to learn more useful daily life tips and tricks!

Game controls:

Hold the left button and move the mouse to iron.

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