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Hexar .io

Date added: 24/12/2018

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Hexar.io is a great .io game in which you control a colored circle and need to capture as many hexagon blocks as possible. Its gameplay is similar to that of Paper.io, another amazing casual multiplayer game. To capture blocks, connect your trail from non-owned blocks to your owned ones. Be careful when leaving a trail because if an enemy hits you, it is a game over. Start building up your domain little by little to help your maneuver. When you see other players leaving too far away from their area, take your chance to hit them! Avoid hitting the opponent's head because you can get killed. Collect green circles to boost your speed. Have fun! 

Time for more multiplayer online IO action with strategic elements. Enter the world of Hexar.io and conquer hexagons by closing them with your coloured trail. The more hexagons you own, the higher your score. You also earn points eliminating other players by touching their trails, but obviously other players will be looking forward to leave you out of the match and make you start all over again. So act fast and smart to take over the whole map without getting killed by others.

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Have fun with Hexario!

Game controls:

You move automatically, left click on the desired area to change direction.

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