Gun Builder

Gun Builder

Date added: 22/04/2020

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Be the champion in assembling guns and shooting at targets in Gun Builder, a new ABCya simulation game! Not only is this game a good choice for multiplayer but it also consists of two parts. The players will participate in the process of assembling the pieces to make his or her guns first. After finishing the model, it's time to joining the shooting tasks that the game designs to test it out.

There is a variety of items, pieces, updates that you can freely pick to maximize the damage range of your model. Choose wisely and quickly complete the job of congregating the pieces to move onto the next section of the game. To hit the targets precisely, keep in mind that the goal is to aim at the moving targets carefully. Even if they are moving, don't waste any time hesitate and take a bold shot.

For some tough targets, it might take more than one hit to defeat them fully, so you should arrange your priorities smartly so as not to miss out on anything. Observation is also the key point in executing a good shot. By practicing more and more, you can increase the number of eliminated targets with high rewards. Get used to the exciting theme and amazing design of this game from before taking part in more thrilling shooting gaming choices like Gunspin and Bill The Bowman!

Game controls:

Use mouse or touch to be able to shoot.

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