Empire: World War 3

Empire: World War 3

Date added: 23/06/2019

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You will conquer the world in this fascinating multiplayer game when you play Empire: World War 3 at http://www.abcya.xyz/. For the first time, you can join online strategy games where you must conquer the world. This is seen as one of the gaming phenomena worldwide. A future you can hardly imagine in which World War 3 broke out and depends on your skills as a general and leader to ensure the existence of your empire.

You can fight using the resources and follow the detailed instructions of this game. Players absolutely have the opportunity to expand the empire by securing important strategic positions on the map. Can you join this game and become a great conqueror? Create your empire so it can grow and eventually win. This becomes a great phenomenon that you can join in the game at ABCya fighting games.

So what do you need to do in this world? Keep improving your economy and make money to win the war. Ways to invest in new military and defense technologies, you will open new and promising options. In addition, you also need to use different weapons and train your army to join the fight in the best way.

Try to occupy villages and colonial construction. Your sharpness and ability to command will be trained and help you in this fighting game. We also help you join some other similarly interesting games like King Bird Tower Defense and Incredible Monster. Are you ready to use your special skills today?

Game controls:

Use the mouse to follow the instructions of the game

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