Easter Mahjong Deluxe

Easter Mahjong Deluxe

Date added: 23/04/2020

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Easter time can be a joyful and memorable time while sharing the best game of Easter Mahjong Deluxe from ABCya online with the members of your family or your friends. Even if you haven't tried out the Mahjong series, you can still enjoy this game! This is one of the puzzle games that adds a special holiday theme and updates to match the holiday spirit. However, the main rules remain unchanged as the players have to connect the two similar Mahjong pieces that have two sides open.

If the pieces are blocked on more than one side, you can't use that for connection. Instead, try to free some surrounded pieces so that you have more options later. The tough part of this Mahjong grid is the tiles being stacked upon each other, layers by layers. Therefore, to clear them all within a short time, make sure that you use a smart approach or else it will be hard to detangle them later.

This game at https://www.abcya.xyz/ has a scoreboard to keep track of the best players who can finish in the shortest time. Where will your name be on that scoreboard? Keep figuring out the answer to tons of quizzes, puzzles, tough math questions and so on in more games like Math Tasks True Or False and Wildlife Park Escape. They are all free and available at the tips of your fingers.

Game controls:

Click on the tiles to choose them or tap on the mobile screen.

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