Drunken Duel

Drunken Duel

Date added: 25/08/2020

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Will you hit your opponents in the game Drunken Duel? Beat 5 rounds and become the ultimate winner on this new journey. Our two main characters won't be able to stand. Therefore, you must make use of the moves to shoot most accurately. This game attracts players to participate in the adventure. Abcya Online always prides itself on new games on many different topics. The headshot would be the most dangerous shot. As a result, you will win each turn when you hit the head of an enemy or other parts.

Can you base the fatal shot in this game? Offers the most interesting gameplay and tips that any player tries to learn through the levels. Win the most glorious way today. Before joining this game, you have never participated in other similar shooting games. The stickman version was once famous in various games. Therefore, will this journey attract you to join? Certainly, players of different ages will want to try and relax with this new game in the time they spend after each stressful learning hour. Choose the best relaxation method for you.

https://www.abcya.xyz/ are considered a special website introducing new games to players all over the world. With the shooting theme, players easily pass the levels and learn to play to win with the highest score. A funny situation arises when you or your opponent dies. The soul will leave the body, this is interesting, isn't it? Any player is ready to join the latest shooting games updated on our website. Some games were similar to Shoot The Duck and Modern Commando Combat. Are you ready to finish and win?

Game controls:

Use the left mouse button to shoot the gun. Please shoot continuously because the number of bullets is unlimited

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