Don't Touch The Hook

Don't Touch The Hook

Date added: 17/01/2020

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This little fishy is in danger of becoming someone's dinner if it fails to dodge the hook floating in the water. Let's help it survive the journey in Don’t Touch the Hooks game, a funny and quick-paced arcade game from ABCya XYZ online. The fisher will drop the delicious worms on the fishing rod into the ocean, and your job is to make the fish bounce around the screen and avoid that.

Don't get hooked because if you do, the game is over! The gameplay consists of fun jumping movements around the screen with many obstacles in the surrounding. Moreover, if you jump too high, a pelican or a rod will scoop you up. If you lay too low, you will not be able to escape the scary tentacle under the ocean bed. When it's time for harder levels, make sure that you unlock your fishy friends to join force and get through this game at! Will you be able to discover a whole set of 39 fishy friends from our collection?

It's fun to swim around in the warm current and enjoy slurping up those wriggling worms, yet escaping the danger amazingly. The game will calculate the number of times that you manage to jump to get the final scores. Pay attention to the bonuses as they can increase your record significantly. Do you know that we bring out tons of cool games like Mewtrix and Robbers In Town for you? Keep playing now!

Game controls:

Controls: Click to make the fish jump.

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