Dig This Water

Dig This Water

Date added: 26/03/2021

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Dig all the tunnels to help the water run down and put out the flames that are on the end. Join now in the game Dig This Water at abcya 5 games in all of your free online browsers. Are you ready to excel in the challenge? Come to this game, you will observe the flames burning underground. Your goal is to dig tunnels to help the water above fall to extinguish the flames. This is a top brain game to help you train your brain to be the smartest. There will usually be a tip for you to be able to solve the levels.

Sometimes you need to take advantage of the speed of the object and make the bumps to put out the world flames. You need to observe and use your knowledge very highly. Because the amount of water is so small that can reduce the fire a lot? This then you need to depend on your wisdom. Let's conquer all the flames and bring you victory. Pass more levels. The later, there will be many obstacles to prevent your water from falling. But if you are intelligent, everything will be as simple as possible.

Wish you have many wonderful moments when participating in the game Dig This Water at http://www.abcya.xyz/. Welcome your friends to join this game to be together possible to solve your brain in the best way. They will have more experience when they let their best friends participate in some other similar interesting games like Monster Destroyer and Slimoban

Game controls:

Use the mouse to win the challenge.

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