Crazy Rushing Ball

Crazy Rushing Ball

Date added: 16/04/2020

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Whether it's the strong walls or the weird approaching objects, your job in Crazy Rushing Ball is to successfully pave your way by moving through the road filled with obstacles. It's a 3D simulation gameplay that allows the players to control the movement of a virtual ball, then try to maneuver so that the ball can finally reach the destination on a path. One of the things that make this ABCya new game stand out among the collection is the futuristic and hologram theme that you can only find right here!

Prepare to dodge the upcoming big blocks, break the walls to dash through or collect the far-away items. Safety is hard to guarantee since only by taking risks can you bring home the highest scores possible! Be very careful to avoid slipping off the edge. Once you fall, the turn will be over. Check out the statistics of gained items, time range and so on using the data on the top of the game screen.

The most resourceful players shall be the one to conquer them all! We recommend that you begin with a decent pace to experience and learn the surroundings first. Then, slowly increase the pace with the aim to be the best! From the collection of, there is plenty of choices if you are trying to diversify your gaming selection such as Bird Quest: Adventure Flappy and Mineblock Dragon Adventure

Game controls:

 Control the ball with the mouse.

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