Commandos Vs Zombies

Commandos Vs Zombies

Date added: 22/05/2019

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Commandos Vs Zombies at is a survival war. Players need to place their troops in different positions to kill zombies. Observe where zombies appear and their number to use the most appropriate weapon. You have weapons in turn according to the number of points you earn as 3, 10 and 30. Consider the number of zombies before you use the most suitable weapon for your battle.

This game attracts players all over the world because of the fun and specialty that it brings to players. You only need to calculate how to place weapons and fight to win the incoming zombie wave. You do not need to place multiple weapons. Put weapons in a place where zombies appear and depending on the number of zombies to start your mission. Save points because you need to use the harder levels of this game at ABCya xyz unblocked free.

The game world becomes more special than ever with the game against zombies. This game is different from other games because of the specialty it brings. Not all players can overcome difficult levels excellently. Therefore, you need to place your weapon in the correct position before they are destroyed when the zombie comes in this game.

Countless fun games for you in your free time and you will love your special space. Don't miss this game and some other similar games like Xtreme Paintball Wars and Great White. Start this little journey and expand your game world.

Game controls:

Use the left mouse button to place weapons in different positions when you join the game

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