Chaotic Ball

Chaotic Ball

Date added: 24/07/2021

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Find the path of the small ball if you want to join the game Chaotic Ball. With new games updated at, players are ready to take on the challenge. You need to collect the stars with the little orange ball. But the ball is all chaos. So you need to control the ball and go to the stars. Don't collide with big balls and obstacles on either side. If you collide with the big blue balls, the game will be over. You can crash three times before the game is over. Collect more stars as you can and get the highest score. Each player tries to use the best strategy and gameplay to explore this wonderful space in their spare time. Beat this game with the highest score as you try to avoid the obstacles and collect enough stars.

The vast world ABCya free games takes players from one surprise to another. Use online gaming tips throughout your journey. Share with other players your favorite game today. We always create conditions for any player to explore the special game space with the most difficult challenges that you can hardly miss. Press continuously on the screen to change the direction of moving the ball if you do not want it to collide with any obstacles. What is the best turn you have completed in each game? Win our game after the hardest turns.

Many players also join this journey without being bothered by any factors. Unlock special levels in countless other favorite online games such as Gummy Bears Mover.

Game controls:

Instructions: Left click or tap directly on the screen to change the direction of the ball.

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