Candy Crush Online

Candy Crush Online

Date added: 26/07/2017

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Candy Crush is a very addictive game abcya, which many people play. It is available to play on our site or on Facebook and also as an app for Android and Apple phones and tablets. There are over 500 levels in the game and each level has a different challenge. You have to make moves by matching 3, 4 or 5 of the same candies to remove them from the board. By doing this you will score points. Some levels need you to reach a certain number of points to win.

Other levels have different challenges such as clearing the board in a way so that objects drop off the bottom or removing jelly that are under the candies on the board. Once you have played a few levels of the game, you will understand exactly how it works and will want to play more and more. Some levels are quite easy but some are extremely hard.

Once you have completed fifteen levels, you complete an episode of the game and you usually have to ask friends to send you keys to unlock the next one. You can do this by linking the game to your Facebook account and asking your Facebook friends to send you lives. Many people play and so you will be bound to find enough friends to send you the lives that you need. The Candy Crush game is free to play and you can play online through Facebook or download the app to your mobile device. You can pay for credits that will give you special candies that help you win the levels more easily or buy lives, but this is not necessary, although many people will spend the money.

In the game, It used many beautiful and delicious candies, you can enjoy the game and the candy at the same time. Have fun with ABCya games on site !

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