Brave Triangle

Brave Triangle

Date added: 24/12/2019

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Do you think it's easy to dodge the straight lines in this Brave Triangle new game at ABCya XYZ? Well, prepare to get your mind blown with the gates that get as narrow as they can and scattered bombs! This new arcade game resembles the classic collection of arcade games that you enjoyed during your childhood, but with many new twists. You will join as the company of the triangle to conquer the new world that has plenty of barriers.

Dodge the barriers, slip through the narrow gates by switching lanes, moving from the left to the right and vice versa to gain scores. Of course, your scores are based on the number of gates that you manage to escape. Don't touch a single line or barrier in this game! The two most important elements are quick reflexes and a little skillful movement. The moment you graze a wall, it's all over! It seems a little too difficult to dodge the walls, but we will give you a few useful tips to survive this journey at

Prepare yourself and think at least two steps ahead of the game. Moreover, remember that you can always teleport through the edge if the gates are too far on the other side! It's a risky game, but fun nonetheless! Come to brave yourself with more challenging games such as Santa Airlines and Flat Jewelmatch

Game controls:

How to play: Click the mouse or use the arrow keys to move.

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