Brave Explorers

Brave Explorers

Date added: 11/11/2019

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Only the bravest explorers might dominate this thrilling game from! For the players with thrill-seeking and adventure spirit in your blood, it's a must to check out this intense game. There is a danger at every turn, which makes the game much more challenging than other ordinary adventure stories. This kind of game isn’t for the timid or weak, therefore, prepare yourself for the risks.

Your job is to search this thousand-year-old tombs to find your missing friend and also search for treasure hidden inside the tomb. To do so, make sure that you pay attention to the obstacles, the bugs, the narrow platforms, and sudden drops. Find the way through the labyrinth and step on the buttons to open up various portals and paths. However, keep in mind that you shouldn't run into the spear trap and the hole. We don't want you to fall off the level. To avoid the nasty sting from the bugs guarding the place, you can swerve to another direction or tiptoe around them.

Either way, make sure that they will not be able to touch your character by all means. Booby traps are all over the place in this ABCya XYZ free game as well. You’re on the clock, so move quickly. After this, try out other equally fun games such as Stickman Prison Escape and Pingu And Friends!

Game controls:

Instructions: Use the joystick or the arrow keys on the screen to control the character.

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