Blocky Sharpshooter

Blocky Sharpshooter

Date added: 11/03/2021

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Outstanding sniper is a task that you will have to perform in this game. Are you confident that you can conquer them all? If so, quickly join the game Blocky Sharpshooter at to become snipers with full of skills. To participate in this game you will use a gun and your enemy will appear. They are not only alone but also their comrades. The difficulty that they are also using weapons. So don't let the enemy front rotation rotate to the end.

Then enemy bullets will also be shot towards you and you will also be destroyed. So you need to be agile. Destroy all these enemies by aiming the most accurately. Destroy them with gunshots so they can feel fear. Killing all of their comrades. Then you will become the best player in this sniper. The later the number of opponents will be more and more like they are moving very fast. How can you perform the challenge most accurately? It all depends on your observation as well as your agile reflexes.

This game just needs you to be slow, you can be destroyed. Try to be as fast as you can and bring yourself the victory. You can even destroy many evil enemies. Let's quickly share the game with your friends to join together in an accurate shooting game Blocky Sharpshooter at abcya games online. You will have a lot more skills for yourself to participate in some other similar games like Leave Me Alone and Slime Hunter.

Game controls:

Use mouse to defeat the enemies.

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