Beaver Bomber

Beaver Bomber

Date added: 28/12/2019

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The beaver in Beaver Bomber loves nature, but his home has been destroyed due to the newly built bridges and infrastructure. To save the ruined landscape and bring back the original scenery, you will help him to carry out the plan to destroy these bridges around this lake. The rule is more complicated than other puzzle games along with an elaborated storyline to make this ABCya XYZ game even more addicting.

You will step on the bridges step by step with the beaver. It's very important to pick the right platform to advance without slipping off the edge or fail to move forward. The beaver needs to pass the bridge, then he will throw a bomb to destroy those crossed parts. Don't mistake or miscalculate the steps or else you will not have any road to go back anymore! Moreover, choosing the right platform from the very beginning helps a lot in this game since it's the guide for your journey. You can make the beaver move slowly or quickly, it all depends on your pace in this game at

Move faster for a more thrilling experience or slower to enjoy the satisfaction of the game. The best players will not miss out on the special gifts and bonuses scattered on the road as well. For more amazing adventures such as Sheep Stacking and Candy Zuma, check out our website daily! They are all for free and exclusive for you.

Game controls:

Controls: Click to move the beaver on the bridges.

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