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It all comes down to your luck in this new game from ABCya XYZ free games, the game of “trick of the wrist,” Yatzy! Bring your lucky item and learn how to win a game that bases purely on the number of the dices. Roll the dice and collect your scores, but remember that you can choose to re-roll twice and hold any dice. Then, enter the points at the scores box of your choice. In case you have no match, you can simply place a zero and finish the turn. The rule is that if your sum of the upper section is 63 or more, you will gain back 50 bonus points.

The hard part of this game is to come up with a strategy to decide which dice to hold and which to re-throw. If you pick wisely, your chance of winning will increase significantly despite the bad number. There are tons of ways that you can utilize to win this game at http://www.abcya.xyz/, all you have to do is to be creative and flexible in a match.

Make sure that you have lots of chances to make combinations like two pairs, a full house, and so on. Keep rolling because if you manage to get a rare set, you will have lots of scores as rewards. Enjoy playing tons of cool card games and board games such as Frosty Donuts and Jelly Doods for free!

Game controls:

Instructions: Play and interact using the mouse cursor.

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