Submarine Dash

Submarine Dash

Date added: 15/11/2019

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It takes serious dive skills to reach the depth of the ocean and bring howe the precious treasures in Submarine Dash at! The brave players in this game will be put on a mission for the gold under the sea! A huge pile of gold locates near your station, however, it's extremely dangerous to dive to such a deep place. Only the most skilled submarine captain and the bravest divers can make it to Atlantic and come back with the valuable coins. The first thing that you need to do is to get used to your equipment.

These tools will be important factors in your journey to the deep sea. Some obstacles and natural threats that you might find are pesky torpedoes and massive coral formations. Move your fish-shaped submarine accordingly to avoid crashing into them. You can dip under, float over or steer clear from the coral formations as you collect coins and gold. New upgrading features for the vessel are available at ABCya XYZ store as well.

The updates are crucial to standing against the powerful tornadoes and sucking holes on hard levels. Don't miss out on the shield, a turbo boost, and more to assist you in your next mission with more games like Rodeo Drive and King of Thieves. Don't waste any heart and come back alive!

Game controls:

Hold the mouse to dive up, release the mouse to dive under the obstacles.

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