Running Pumpkin

Running Pumpkin

Date added: 02/06/2020

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In this runner-styled game from ABCya land called Running Pumpkin, your main character is the one with a pumpkin head. He might look scary and resembles the Halloween character, however, his movements are so funny that you will have a good time enjoying the gameplay! The main skill required to achieve the high scores and keep a record will be your reflexes. Before the game starts, you can check the simple yet informative tutorial in the "How to play" section.

It will tell you about the controlling keys and the possible movements of the pumpkin-headed character. Once you are ready, hit the journey and start interacting! The character will keep automatically running so your task is to make him jump, throw knives, and attack when it's the right timing. If you fail to keep him safe, the game will stop immediately. Only one chance is given per turn. For example, hit the jump button before he reaches the gap to avoid falling and push the flying button to fly up to the higher platforms.

Eliminating enemies while trying to avoid the obstacles that await will be quite a challenge, but we are still looking forward to your excellent performance in this game at Open up the gaming space of yours with more free games like Lucky Looter and The Last Survivors that can be played entirely online!

Game controls:

Fly using the flying icon or X key, attack with the button or Z key, jump using the button or spacebar.

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