Royal Warfare 2

Royal Warfare 2

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Centuries ago the troop of the Black Order invaded the lands. 3 years have passed since they have returned to sow more chaos and more destruction. The lords of the Order, and the priests, have come out of their secret spaces to find allies among savage tribes. They are now collecting the creatures of dusk under their banners...

Moreover, they have raised hordes of zombies from their graves. All these creatures made the Northern Realms plunge into an abyss of war and chaos. After the Undead King had been defeated, the war abated and people started to rebuild what had been destroyed.

However, soon a report arrived from the island of Hardanger. The Black Lords were once again surrounding barrows. The forces of the Order and their creatures of dusk are preparing to conquer our lands! Hardly any royal troops are in this region... Therefore, a special squad led by the famous magician Corvinus has been gathered.

Corvinus teleported a small group of soliders directly to the endangered location. He also has the ability to ensure long distance communication. Our tasks were to land at Myrdal caste which was captured by the undead army, and to retake it. Then, we have to set out and discover where the troops of the Black Order are coming from.

In Royal Warfare 2, you have to hire soldiers, battle monsters, and complete missions. With the stars and gold that you earn, you can unlock achievements and finish the campaign. 

The evil forces are back and so the battle for supremacy continues in Royal Warfare 2. Protect kingdom and save the royal family from evil monsters in the second installment of the addicting strategy game. To enter your first warfare you'll need some soldiers. Choose between swordsmen, archer and wizards. You can use your gold to hire new men and purchase upgrades to archive an indomitable army.

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Much fun!


Royal Warfare 2 is developed by Red Pallete Games. If you like it, make sure to also try Stellar Squad, an amazing new defense game by the same developer.


Game controls:

Use your mouse to purchase and hire soldiers (left click), and to select and place units (right click). Use spacebar to speed up deployment, A for assault, S to hold ground, and G for information. Use QWERT to cast different spells.

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