Rescue The Rabbit

Rescue The Rabbit

Date added: 24/04/2020

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To win Rescue the rabbit, not only will you have to showcase your intelligence but also your ability to deal with new challenges and tough puzzles. This is a point-and-click game from the collection of ABCya game online and it has captured the attention of so many kids from all around the world with its unique gameplay. After a trip to the forest house, unfortunately, the little cute rabbit is locked inside the room in the dark forest.

To escape and find the way out, you will help him in solving and breaking the locks at each gate. There will be a lot of objects that can be helpful for figuring out the ultimate code throughout the levels, therefore, stay alerted and collect any possible items. Tons of interesting hidden objects, clues, and hints are scattered around the leaves for the players to discover! Puzzle games like this one from will not be easy if you are a beginner since the numbers on the locks are random.

Take advantage of all gained pieces to understand the main theme of each stage and break through the exit doors! A tip for you is to look out for the glowing items and weird animals. Don't get mad if you fail to unlock the doors. Just keep thinking and get some help from your friends! You can't miss out on more famous puzzle games with interactive features such as Wildlife Park Escape and Easter Mahjong Deluxe on our website!

Game controls:

Choose and interact with the objects using the mouse left button.

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