Oink Run

Oink Run

Date added: 20/08/2019

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The new game Oink Run at http://www.abcya.xyz/ leads players to one of the fun free online games. You will turn into a pig and run or fly over obstacles in front without being destroyed by poisonous mushrooms. Observe your running distance and collect all diamonds. If you encounter gaps, jump or fly over them.

Fight poisonous mushrooms to be safe on this path and the next round. You can join the tutorial to learn how to play the game and get the best results in each part of your game. We bring to gamers the latest gaming world that you can hardly miss after every hour of intense learning. Different topics will lead players to the special world. What are you waiting for without unlocking the levels today? ABCya run games is a collection of new games with different content and players are ready for the wonderful journey of the flying pig. It's funny when you know how to help our pig. Use parachutes to fly higher and pass distances without falling.

Pigs will run continuously so you have to deal with situations quickly and not be bothered by any factors. You need to learn how to master the support button to fight and win this game. Save the game to your list and explore the vast game world with countless other games. We introduce you to a very special game space like Grow Valley and Gangsters Will you overcome all these challenges? That depends on your fight.

Game controls:

Use mouse or spacebar to jump, Z for shooting, X for a parachute

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