Monsters Up

Monsters Up

Date added: 13/02/2020

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How good is your timing skills? All of your reflexes, timing skills, and jumping techniques will be put to test in this online game called Monsters Up at ABCya XYZ kid game! Your job is to keep performing only the most perfectly timed jumps, which will keep you alive as you are trying to hop your way to higher levels. The best players shall be the ones who can reach the highest stairs in the shortest time frame.

The game begins quickly and it comes with the high speed right from the start, therefore, keep your focus since you will have to react very quickly. The challenges include tons of obstacles, ranging from concrete and wooden platforms slide towards you from off-screen to the tipping-off towers. Can you maneuver the movement to jump on top of them without getting crushed? That's not the only task that you need to perform. Moreover, you have to estimate and make sure that each platform is centered on the one below it because this is crucial to building up the high tower without causing it to fall down. Another fun feature of this game at is the evolution of the monsters

The higher the stairs that you reach, the better the skills your monsters will achieve. How many types of monsters can you unlock before falling down? Enjoy the collection of crazy colors and appearances that your monsters will show in more games like Ballon Paradise and Dragon Climb

Game controls:

Controls: Click or tap to jump up.

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