Mamma Mia Zombies

Mamma Mia Zombies

Date added: 30/12/2019

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In this brand new arcade game choice called Mamma Mia Zombies from, you are the only guy in the neighborhood who hasn’t been infected with the dancing disease yet. To save your neighbors, let's start scouting the area and defeat any zombie that shows up! The players need to zigzag around the infrastructure, houses and fenced backyards that are placed differently depending on the levels.

Moreover, while dodging the objects, you have to avoid and run away from the zombies as well. It's very hard to stay alive in this game if you come unprepared, so find all the possible weapons. Once you manage to get yourself a weapon like an ax, it's time for payback! Hit the zombies with the axes because you have the temporary power to do so. Don't forget to collect coins because these will help you to buy the bus tickets for higher levels. Another special item in this game is the hardware. Pick it up when you find it and use it as a weapon in any way that you like.

However, its endurance is not as good as the axes, so you better watch out! Will you find an escape route out of this ABCya XYZ free game alive? Prepare to hop into new journeys with other zombies games like Candy Zuma and Beaver Bomber

Game controls:

How to play: Use the arrow key to move the character, P key to pause the game.

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