Let's Go Fishing

Let's Go Fishing

Date added: 25/02/2020

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The lake at Let's Go Fishing, a new game at ABCya XYZ is filled with colorful fishes swimming around endlessly. Will you be the kind of fisherman that fish for one type only or the kind to search for more? Let's practice your skills of baiting and using the rod in this game! First, you need to learn about the items available in your tackle box before hitting the lake. After your rod is attached to the worms, this is the time to swing it and drop it in the lake.

Make sure that your hook angle is just right because you only have four failed turns before the game ends. The goal is to drop the rod at the perfect timing so that it can reach the swimming fishes and capture the most. This means that you have to drop the rod a few seconds before the fish approach that designated position. After that, just reel in and collect your work! At http://www.abcya.xyz/, the secret to conquering the highest scores is the combination of patience and great timing technique.

A tip for you is not to release the hook until you have finished aiming or else you will lose one of the four chances. Stick to the steps and coordinate your favorite set of rods and bait to become the best fisherman right now! Other games like Super Fist and Jumping Snail are all different and equally fun, so don't forget to add them to your list.

Game controls:

Controls: Click to release the hook to the lake.

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