Lampada Street

Lampada Street

Date added: 24/03/2020

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Lampada Street is nothing like the other ordinary road crossing game that you have played before. With unusual gameplay, great graphic design and addictive storyline, this game from ABCya XYZ puzzle games will definitely spice up your game collection as a brand new addition. You will help three little lightbulbs cross the crowded street. It's no easy feat due to the large volume of cars, bikes, bicycles and even other bulbs as well.

There are 3 bulbs, which represent three chances for you before your record is set. The goal is to get at least one of them to their destination point without crashing in the middle of the road. By jumping, dodging and running away from the vehicles, you will be able to progress from one lane to another until they reach the city of Lampada. How long will it take you to thoroughly discover the world of Lampada in Keep in mind that some cars show up randomly and without any warning, so you need to choose the speed for yourself.

If you are an advanced player who can react quickly, speed up to reach the goal faster. Go at a steady and slow pace if you want to stay safe and gain more items on the way. The highlight of this game is the 3D realistic setting that will guarantee the highest quality for your entertainment time. Experience more new and trendy games such as Candy Riddles: Free Match 3 Puzzle and Funny Bunny Logic later!

Game controls:

Use the right and left arrows to move, spacebar to jump.

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