Kite Kittens

Kite Kittens

Date added: 02/12/2019

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Yarn will be your main toy in this new cat game called Kite Kittens from! The little kittens' dream is to reach the highest cloud level and have fun with the longest string of yarn. Can you help them find a way to play with their favorite toy? The mission is to assist these purring pretties as they seak for the string to soar above the clouds.

Find the strings and try to pick up as much yarn as possible. The control key of the game is very simple as you just have to continuously tap to fly higher. However, controlling the pace and timing is the key point since you have to make sure that your furry friends stay away from obstacles. The clouds are not as cute and soft as they look! You are also required to steer clear of all clouds to avoid glazing over them in this ABCya XYZ free game.

The clouds can cut your string and ruin your kite, which makes the kittens fall down the ground. It will be a painful drop! This kind of arcade game will test your reaction skills and estimation skills. The loveliest surprises are waiting at you at the top level, so try your best to find out what's waiting there! Load up more arcade games and reach for the sky in other game choices like Bunny Quest and Get Locky

Game controls:

Tap on the screen to gather the yarn.

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