Jewel Burst

Jewel Burst

Date added: 06/09/2019

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Jewel Burst is one of the best match-3 games at abcya3 hot games with hundreds of levels and hours of fun. If it’s not the right time for a safari in a shooting game or satisfies the need for speed in a racing game, then a puzzle game is a great choice to opt for. It helps you relax and enjoy the endlessly entertaining experience. You can play whatever you want at the level you leave. This amazing match-3 challenges you with many exciting levels. You are brought to an epic journey through the galaxy to many planets full of gems. Like other match-3 games, your mission here is to remove the glass layer covering the game board filled with jewels by matching more than 3 gems of the same kind. Remember to use as fewer moves as possible to earn 3 stars on all levels.

On abcya for games, you just need one star to unlock the new stage but by setting the highest goal, you will find the game more interesting. With more than 4 identical jewels, you get some power-ups such as bombs, colorful gem and more. These items help you finish the mission easily and overcome the challenge faster. So, make sure to take full advantage of them. Never get bored with a variety of missions and as you level up, more challenges will appear. You no longer conquer your mission at ease.

And you may fail some times and have to play a certain level several times. Enjoy each level and set your record. Remember that many games are waiting for you to discover here. Check out Candy Crush Online and Jewels Match if you have time.

Game controls:

Use your mouse to match 3 identical gems.

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