Intruder Combat Training

Intruder Combat Training

Date added: 28/01/2019

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Make sure to play the tutorial! Choppy fps? Play with the options - turning off HQ particles, decals and anti-aliasing will help the most. Playing with more than 4 players in free play only for strong cpu's!

Welcome to the elite international special forces recruitment program. In order to become the "Intruder", you need to complete the Combat Training. Engage in DM or TDM matches on 5 beautiful and unique maps and complete missions in order to unlock new equipment, gear and weapons for characters or just have a blast in the free play mode up to 6 players.

It's kill or be killed in this action-packed shooting game here at Join the fight in Intruder Combat Training and defend your position against an armed invader. It will be up to you to use superiour tactics, formidable firepower and just a little bit of luck to turn your opponent into ground meat. Collect guns, ammo and grenades and use them wisely. Aim well and kill quickly. Because the next invader is waiting to take you down. Will you survive the endless onslaught? Find out in Combat Intruder Training!

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Game controls:

Arrows / WASD = Move / Jump, Mouse = Aim / Shoot, Q = Switch Weapons, R = Reload, Space = Throw Grenade

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