Indi Cannon

Indi Cannon

Date added: 31/12/2019

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The ragdoll game series at has been taken to a whole new level with the new game: Indi Cannon! This time, instead of torturing the doll with simple tools, you will do it in another way. In your journey to a faraway land to search for a legendary treasure, you need some bullets to shoot at the golden coins. However, because you forgot the cannonballs, the ragdolls of your crew members are going to be the substitute. It's time to have a “blast” while launching to gather the scattered coins!

The most exciting theme of this game is the change in each level. You can take a look at the level map from the beginning of it to know about the overall concept of this game. Each new area that you set feet on will be more challenging, much tougher to crack and filled with more thrilling trials. The hurdles vary depending on the set of the stage, such as vicious, man-eating plants, knife-like blade swinging around or deep hill.

A tip for you is to look for the switch to deactivate some obstacles such as the deadly swinging scythe or the gap between the blocks. Just load the ragdolls into the cannons in this ABCya XYZ online game for kids and send them flying towards the precious money! Bring home more valuable exhibit in other adventure games such as Shoot Angry Zombies and Great Air Battles!

Game controls:

Instructions: Click to aim and shoot the dolls.

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