Imperial Battle Tactics

Imperial Battle Tactics

Date added: 20/09/2018

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Are you ready to take command of a troop in order to beat all the other clans? Control your small army made of a swordsman, a bowman and a healer and defeat your enemies! Set up your strategy, think your moves ahead and win every battle you get in. Travel from Viere Town all the way to Grahol Castle and become the number one clan of the kingdom! 

Imperial Battle Tactics is a fun-addicting war strategy game in which you have the command over the faction of your choice. Send out your soldiers to defeat other clans and take over the world.

You are the chosen imperial clan that is ordered by the Emperor to defend the land. Manage your battle party, beat all the other clans, and grab your victory!

Update List :
Version 1.1.3
1. Some UI Parts is removed for optimization
2. Some SFXs is added
This is the final update for this game in its 1st version. Thanks for all the players who had given us feedbacks. Some of un-implemented feedbacks will be considered and be implemented in the next version, Imperial Battle Tactics 2.
See you again in our next games!
Version 1.1.2
1. Fix selection unit that are blocked by other unit when attacking.
2. Fix double click when attacking.
3. Fix dead body blocking tile selection when move.
4. Fix counting priest heal achievement and killing achievement.
5. Fix missing equipment unit that are not in party when saving game.
Version 1.1.1 :
1. Re-balance some unit status.
2. Achievement killing with priests change to heal with priests
3. Achievement grand tactician become less than 10 turn.
4. Re-balance level stage difficulty
5. fix some minor bug like the (-1/20 Area) when finished last Level
Version 1.1.0 :
1. The difficulty is far easier now.
2. Equipments are boosted (more powerful)
3. Miss chance is smaller now. Hit rate from behind is 100%, the others are 90%
4. Enemy unit is not outnumbered. It is more balanced now.
5. Other friendly unit is unclickable when choosing the enemy target / attack mode.
6. Priest is no longer have chance to attack. It will only focus in healing.

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Much fun!

Game controls:


Mouse : To choose any options, move the units, choose enemy to attack and heal
W,A,S,D : To move Camera

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