Ice Cream Memory

Ice Cream Memory

Date added: 21/01/2020

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All the icecreams in this ABCya XYZ girl game called Ice Cream Memory are delicious, but can you successfully recreate all of them without a sample? It's a tough challenge for all the chefs to show off the amazing memory, great dessert-making skills and the best techniques while being in the professional kitchen! You will first get to look at the ice-cream sample for a few seconds, then it will disappear.

Now, you are on your own to recreate the precisely same ice-cream from the available ingredients in this kitchen. From the flavor of it, the color of the decorations to the size and shape of the cones, they are all very important and the most crucial contributors to the born of a delicious ice-cream. You will also have to race against the clock while doing this task, so pay attention to the countdown clock as well.

Moreover, it's one colorful and pretty game for girls to enjoy and share with their group of friends without a cost! Let's explore the world of baking, flour, powder, sugar and many other ingredients in now! If this is your cup of tea, don't miss out on more pretty games such as Bake Time Hot Dogs and Cooking Fast 2 Donuts from the same collection. Do you have what it takes to carry out the customers' orders without missing any ingredients?

Game controls:

How to play: Use the mouse cursor to choose and place the ingredients.

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