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Hordes .io

Date added: 27/12/2018

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Welcome to the world of Hordesio! In this massive multiplayer online role game you have to choose a side, a type of character and start defending your team! Use spells to fight enemy players and monsters and keep increasing your level to upgrade your block warrior.

In Hordes.io you enter a 3D world full of block monsters and other players. Start battling them and increase your level and strength. Note that Firefox can have some problems with the mouse pointer lock; the game runs best on chrome. In case there is some lag, setting gfx quality to 0 can help. 

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Have fun with Hordes.io!

Hordes.io Overview

Hordes.io is a popular .io game online. This fantasy style role playing game throws you into a world against monsters and other foes. The style of gameplay is akin to World of Warcraft. Mind you, the characters in hordes.io are basic by comparison, nothing more than simple polygons. However, you can play as one of four different classes as well as one of two different races. The character classes are warrior, mage, shaman, and archer. Each class comes with abilities associated with those character styles. As far as races, one had the face of a knight, presumably a human race. The other has the face of a bear, an animal race of sorts. The main objective in hordes.io are to slay monsters to level up, find new equipment to improve your character, and take out your enemies. In more advanced gameplay (if you sign up beyond the basic game), you can join clans and create different factions in the game. Overall, if you are into free online browser based mmorpgs, this top .io game is a welcome addition that should be played. 

Hordes.io Strategy

When discussing strategy for hordes.io, A few considerations should be discussed Applying these strategies to your gameplay will surely give an advantage in battle. The first strategy for hordes.io is to find and perfect your favorites class. If you play this style of gaming online, there is a good chance that you already have a preferred character class. If not, find it and fall in love. The more skilled you are, the easier it will be to vanquish monsters around you. Another hordes.io strategy is to work with your team to kill monsters and opponents together. There is strength in numbers, as the saying goes. Use this to your advantage in the rough terrain of gameplay. 

Game controls:

WASD = move, Mouse = select target, Hold Mouse = rotate camera, 1-4 = use spells

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