Get Locky

Get Locky

Date added: 30/11/2019

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One of the most addicting gaming options from ABCya XYZ games must be Get Locky! It's the simplest tapping game with the most easy-to-understand rule, yet it takes serious quick reaction to conquer the challenges. The goal of it is to find out the best lock picker who is not sluggish and can keep up with the pace. Your job is to tap on the precise moment that the pin moves to the right position, which is the yellow dot.

When the two pieces touch, the lock will be automatically opened. The next thing that you need to keep in mind is that the pin will move to the other direction once one lock is finished. Pay close attention to the yellow dot's range to avoid missing it out. One wrong move and you will have to start again from a blank record board! The pace of this game at will pick up through the levels to test out your ability to keep up.

Also, prepare yourself for more locks in one stage as well. For every time that the dot reappears, the position is changed, which requires the players to stay sharp to conquer this action-based arcade game. As unpredictable as it sounds, the best of games come from such interesting yet simplistic gameplay. Practice your timing with more fast arcade games such as Submarine Dash and Bunny Quest!

Game controls:

Controls: Click the left mouse to stop the pin.

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