Funny Bunny Logic

Funny Bunny Logic

Date added: 23/03/2020

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It's another game requiring your mind and smart thinking from ABCya XYZ: Funny Bunny logic! For the fans of puzzle games, this one comes with a simple interactive style, which is the one-touch mechanics that you might find in lots of trendy puzzle games these days. It's easy to understand the controlling system, therefore, more suitable for children of all ages to enjoy in the playtime. The players will have to come up with a suitable path for the rabbit to come through by flipping the tiles on and off.

Once all of them turn into the green tiles, it's time for the rabbit to safely move. However, even if there is one tile with spikes or gaps, the rabbit can't reach the end of the exit, which results in you failing the level. It's the type of game that helps you think out of the box and be creative with choosing your path. Moreover, the higher the level, the harder it will be to quickly flip the tiles. Can you see the number on the top right corner of the game screen? It demonstrates the number of moves that you have left before the level ends, so do your best to finish with a limited number of moves.

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Game controls:

Click to interact with the tiles and the rabbit.

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