Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade

Date added: 17/07/2020

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Each player easily overcomes the challenges that our game at brings to players. Begin your journey as a special firefighter when participating in the online game Fire Brigade. Players will find this game completely new and interesting. You need to move through locations where there is a fire to extinguish the fire and save other people.

Do you want to be the fire brigade and rescue different people? Now is your chance to join one of the games we have updated. Come here and play our new game. Drive your truck and arrive in time to save those in distress. You can completely upgrade your ability to become stronger. The tips for playing in this game will entice any player to join after a stressful study hour. How many fires have you saved? A game seems to be simple but contains a lot of interesting things that any player wants to join and overcome. How to play your game will help you complete all the challenges without being disturbed.

This is a simple game if you follow the rules and extinguish the fires before they spread further. Share interesting game spaces with your friends at ABCya games. Do not move too close to the fire if you do not want to be burned. This game has attracted any player on the journey to becoming a true firefighter. Ways of working that you have not used in other games will appear on this journey. Real-life appears in the game more authentically than ever. Unlock quests with other similar games like Sherwood Shooter and Space Shooter. You are ready with this great game space.

Game controls:

Use the left mouse button or tab directly on the phone screen to move the faucet to the location of the flames

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