Dynast .io

Dynast .io

Date added: 03/01/2019

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Play Dynast.io game online, now with The Dynast.io you are ready for a more action game.Dynast.io. One of the popular action games,continues.

New io game is here! Pay attention if you like survival games, where you can play with many other players. In this game survive only the fittest one. Survive in the world with monsters that waiting for you all over the woods. Fight spiders and werewolves. Create an alliance with other players and then fight for dominance with each other. The game is sophisticated in every detail. Making things work just like in minecraft. You need to collect the material carefully and then you can craft objects and build buildings. The game is realistic and highlights the fact of survival. Items such as axes can be broken in time, because of using them. Be always ready and craft. Enjoy the perfect io game online - Dynast.io - in your browser.

If you are confident of your skills, try out this game and some more games with the same theme at http://www.abcya.xyz/. All the games such as Lets Draw It and Brutal .io are available for free!

Have fun with Dynast IO!

Game controls:

Arrows / WASD = move, Mouse = attack / gather resources / select options, E = collect item

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